Hasps & Staples

Hasps & Staples coated with heavy duty paint which ensures long life of steel, and safeguard from rust. In order to secure your doors and boxes, hasp and staples are used with a padlock. We manufacture and supply hasps and staples that can fit to your door and make it safe.

Our hasp and staple are made of iron and very alluring with black stowing paint and furthermore, you have the option to choose various finishes at your disposal which would eventually translate your home into a beautiful abode.

Hasps and staples are made up of iron and for perfect finishing it is coated with the help of black stowing paint. To prevent from being removed all of hasps have covered screws and pins. We supply best quality hasps and staples which will suite all your requirements.

It is necessary that your doors have a hasp that can keep it fixed at a certain point. We bring to you the best quality of these little accessories that are meant to accentuate the decor. The hasp has been made with lot of efficiency and that shows in the making and use of the hasp. You can use the staple in every part of your decor and make your decors look stylish. It is sleek so that it merges well with the rest of the decor easily.